Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mounam Sammadham Episode 83 26-11-14 on Asianet Plus

Mounam Sammadham serial is the dubbed version of the well accepted serial “Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Dhoon” .The soap unfolds a colourful and romantic story of Arnav and Shruthi. Arnav is a business tycoon, who gives least values for emotions in life. On the other hand Shruthi is a bubbly and lovely girl, who considers virtues, culture and emotions as the most important factors in anyone’s life. Shruthi accidently meets Arnav and spoils his show. This serial sows seeds of anger and hatred in each other’s mind. The show develops, in how destiny plays its role to bring them closer.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pappayude Swantham Appoos Movie fame Badhusha is coming back

‘Pappayude Swantham Appoos’ Movie fame Badhusha is coming back to Malayalam film Industry with a new film ‘Mumbai Taxi’ directing by Fazil Basheer. The film is penned by Jaison T John.

‘Pappayude Swantham Appoos’ Movie fame Badhusha is coming back

‘Pappayude Swantham Appoos’ scripted and directed by Fazil became a huge hit in 1992 with Mammootty in leading role with Shobhana. Badhusha portrayed ‘Apoos’; the role as Mammootty’s son winnig the ‘Kerala State Film Awards for Best Child Artist’. The movie explores the relationship between a father who is depressed after the death of his wife and his neglected son.

Atter his second film’Ennennum’; he took a gap of 15 years for come back as he has to complete his studies. Now he is back after completing his MBA. He always kept a good relation with Mammootty and Fazil’s son Fahadh who also acted in a small role in the film.

Sunny Wayne Talks About Actor Dulquer Salmaan

Sunny Wayne, who turned into a mainstream face with his first film itself, says that Dulquer Salmaan is his individual pride as he was the saint in the twosome appeared hit film 'Second Show' controlled by Srinath Rajendran. The team later joined in Sameer Thahir's 'Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi' which likewise turned into a win.

Sunny Wayne Talks About Actor Dulquer Salmaan

"Dulquer is my individual pride as I entered into Malayalam film alongside him. All will need to turned into a man with his identity and conduct. He is similar to a sibling to me" says Sunny Wayne.

He likewise included that at whatever point he gets spare time, he joins with Dulquer setting off to his areas investing heaps of time there.

Sarathy and Safari are the approaching tasks of Sunny Wayne are which is under taping.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Villali Veeran Dileep Malayalam Movie Box office Report and Review

Villali Veeran Dileep Malayalam Movie  Review

Advancing after his late hits like "Sringaravelan" and "Nadodimannan" is an alternate "Villaliveeran" from Janapriyanayakan Dileep. A motion picture that take spark from each Dileep films of the later past, "Villaliveeran" yet neglects to energize even enthusiasts of Dileep generally because of a non-durable script and normal bearing.

"Villaliveeran" characteristics Dileep as Siddharthan or Siddhu who lives running a vegetable shop furthermore as a cash moneylender. A young person who provides for you a feel that he is a brimming with joy chap, Siddhu is taking each risks to profit to make do with the lives of  a couple of more families who rely on upon him. At the point when in money related turmoil, he even comes up as a shocking "paid" man of the hour taking false personalities of non-existing rich men, for a marriage agency run by Damodharji(nedumudi Venu), which can pay him a 25000 rupees for every visit. He in this manner reach Narmadha, a commercial producer whom he has met in a few negligible circumstances prior, which had made her misjudge him as a criminal and a goonda. Narmadha's father however creates high assumption for Siddhu, trusting in all snobberies about him to be an enormously rich gentleman who yet takes after Lord Buddha's standards of straightforwardness. He promptly settle him as his future child in law and tries to report it in an open capacity, where reality about  Siddhu is uncovered. With a weighty past of business competition, which brought about  his father tossed in the slammer, Siddhu is really now in need of much as even his life is in stake.

The issue with the motion picture is its scripts by Dinesh Pallath that scarcely offers anything new separated from a couple of jokes like the fake penetrates by state police, which comes in unequivocal minutes of the legend's life. The film is loaded with characters that needs existence with not a lot to do. The story lines runs unending with a poor second half which present a great deal of fresher prosaic characters  and sudden turns, which however scarcely energize and mean your perplexities.

Dileep is in his regular part and quirks, attempting to make comedies in every undesirable circumstances. His sidekicks Sugunan played by Kalabhavan Shajon is likewise defectively carved while Sidhique, Mydhili and Seetha oversees well with their parts. Namitha Pramod at the end of the day energizes with her screen vicinity and free streaming acting styles. The executive who originates from small screen couldn't rightly handle the scale of a Dileep motion picture and large portions of its exaggerated minutes simply helps to remember the TV cleansers. Sudheesh Shankar's normal course is supplemented  by the cameraman Anil Nair and manager Jaishankar. Presently at two hours and 43 minutes, the film makes you take a gander at your watch numerous a times and show up excessively protracted. The tunes by S A Rajkumar are musical and in Telugu style , yet comes up in every undesirable circumstances. The melodies visualizations are likewise in general mode .

Advancing after the late "Avatharram" which didn't make much useful for Dileep camp, 'Vilaali Veeran' with its available substance is certain to take action accordingly without making no enormous fortunes for its maker R B Chowdhary. Proposed just for Dileep fans and family groups of onlookers, who wouldn't fret seeing at the end of the day a general commonplace Dileep stuff.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Rajadhi Raja Malayalam Movie Review - 'Rajadhiraja' is a Thriller

Advancing after Rajamanikyam, and Pokkiriraja is an alternate film in the same vein in the title 'Rajadhiraja'. Exhibited by debutante Ajai Vasudev, the film yet begins off in an alternate way than these models however graduate soon into the comparable lines of mass thrillers. Unmistakably intended to fulfill the enthusiasts of Mammootty, the quick paced flick yet tries for over the top activity and simple contorts and peak to ruin the plot.

The film takes after Aiyappan(jojo), a fraudster who is proceeding onward to a town in the outskirt, to the spot of his brother by marriage Sekharankutty,(mammootty) who fills in as the administrator of a petroleum pump in the roadway furthermore runs a restaurant adjacent. Sekharankutty is a conventional noble man who weights his family including wife Radha(rai Lekshmy) and his just little girl Sreedurga, substantially more than else other possibilities. He is extremely specific not to get included in any conflicts that happen outside his crew. Anyhow as a hasty Aiyappan steps into the restaurant, he additionally begins to make more up to date issues to Sekharankutty in a commonplace premise. With police and conman at his doorsteps regular, Sekharankutty is compelled to take another symbol to ensure his dear ones from approaching risk.

A conventional exhausted film from scriptwriters Uday Krissna- Sibi K Thomas, "Rajadhiraja" roused from movies like "Ustad" and "Basha" is loaded with a lot of mass components, moderate movements and star fits to fulfill the enthusiasts of its lead star. The previous 50% of the film which takes an alternate development of the lead character is amazing. The flashback scenes are additionally told with energy with Mammoottty looking more youthful and snazzy in distinctive looks. Be that as it may the issue with the motion picture is its implausible activity scenes ,whose absence of authenticity generally influences the adequacy of the other  piece of the stories which are canned better. A couple of years back,(particularly at the time of Pokkiriraja)  Mammootty could have earned praises with this sort of activity with partner in crime tossed all around and skipping once again to separations, however recently we don't know whether there will be numerous takers for  these anticipated "Telugu" style activity. Add to that the poor dialogs and punch lines doesn't work well for the motion picture.

Ajai Vasudev capably demonstrates that he is a nearby educate of chief Joshy and Vysakh, adhering to their styles of pacy making , however he is offered not all that guaranteeing scripts . With a lot of helicam and airborne shots, the film has a chic look however could have fared better if the whole activity scenes and peak was shot all the more sensibly. In the acting side Jojo viably holds the film the whole way across with his stupid demonstration and splits some fine wits .Mammootty is once more to his past activity symbols, however he is not having any simple stroll through crosswise over activity stuffs .a few nostalgic scenes are additionally taken care of shrewdly by the senior star. Nelson as a restaurant staff figures out how to make a couple of fine delight's while Rai Lekshmy , Joy Mathew and Siddhique are clad in their standard parts.

In the specialized side, Cinematographer Shaji rehashes his "Pokkiriraja" style of shot- making, while Mahesh Narayanan's fine cuts equitably pace the move which is presently at 148 minutes. The three melodies in the accounts are musical, however they are imagined in a normal way and the last one comes up in an undesirable time. Gopi Sundar's BG scores are ludicrous, however the title music is exciting.

In the last investigation, "Rajadhiraja" doesn't offer any freshness in stories. Yet it might be a fine for an one-time watch, on the off chance that you are not in theaters with any huge desires.